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DECEMBER 1976, BEIHEFT 15 || Top || To Themes Issues List

Augustin Thierry and Liberal Historiography
Lionel Gossman abstract

Introductory comments by Hayden V. White || JSTOR

Augustin Thierry: A Brief Portrait || JSTOR

Liberal Politics and the Reform of Historiography || JSTOR

The Privilege of Continuity: The Bourgeois as Mediator between Conquerors and Conquered || JSTOR

The Privilege of Continuity: Bourgeois History as Mediator between Chronical History and Philosophical History || JSTOR

The Problem of Violence || JSTOR

The Liberal Imagination: Benjamin Constant and Augustin Thierry || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1976 || Top


HARRIET GILLIAM, The Dialectics of Realism and Idealism in Modern Historiographic Theory || abstract || JSTOR

J. O. WISDOM, General Explanation in History || abstract || JSTOR

ROY ENFIELD, Marx and Historical Laws || abstract || JSTOR

PAUL MERRITT BASSETT, The Use of History in the Chronicon of Isidore of Seville || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

HERMAN SCHWENDINGER and JULIA R. SCHWENDINGER, The Sociologists of the Chair (Vernon K. Dibble) || JSTOR

JEFFREY G. WILLIAMSON, Late Nineteenth -Century American Development (Lance E. Davis) || JSTOR

BRUCE MAZLISH, James and John Stuart Mill (Joseph Hamburger) || JSTOR

ANTONIA GRANSDEN, Historical Writing in England c. 550-c. 1307 (Edmund Fryde) || JSTOR

MAY 1976 || Top


JAMES MILLER Merleau-Ponty's Marxism: Between Phenomenology and the Hegelian Absolute || abstract || JSTOR

MARY FORRESTER, Practical Reasoning and Historical Inquiry || abstract || JSTOR

HARRY J. AUSMUS, Schopenhauer's View of History: A Note || abstract || JSTOR

Review of Reviews:

JONATHAN M. WIENER, Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy, by Barrington Moore, Jr. (no abstract) || JSTOR

Review Essays:

KARL ACHAM, Analytische Geschichtsphilosophie (Frederick A. Olafson) || JSTOR

LEON POMPA, Vico. A Study of the "New Science" (Hayden V. White) || JSTOR

GEORG IGGERS, New Directions in European Historiography (Paul L. Ward) || JSTOR

HARRY CLARK, A Venture in History (James J. Barnes) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1976 || Top


A. T. CLIMO and P. G. A. HOWELLS, Possible Worlds in Historical Explanation || abstract || JSTOR

ILSE N. BULHOF, Structure and Change in Wilhelm Dilthey's Philosophy of History || abstract || JSTOR

W. PAUL VOGT, The Uses of Studying Primitives: A Note on the Durkheimians, 1890-1940 || abstract || JSTOR

PAUL HERNADI, Re-Presenting the Past: A Note on Narrative Historiography and Historical Drama || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

BURLEIGH TAYLOR WILKINS, Hegel's Philosophy of History and GEORGE DENNIS O'BRIEN, Hegel on Reason and History (Patrick Gardiner) || JSTOR

MARY O. FURNER, Advocacy & Objectivity (Bari Watkins) || JSTOR

BRYCE LYON, Henri Pirenne (Elizabeth A. R. Brown) || JSTOR

SERGIO MORAVIA, Beobachtende Vernunft (Victor Gourevitch) || JSTOR

MIKULÁS TEICH and ROBERT YOUNG, eds., Changing Perspectives in the History of Science (David A. Hollinger) || JSTOR

JACQUES BARZUN, Clio and the Doctors and PETER GAY, Style in History (Robert D. Schulzinger) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1975, BEIHEFT 14 || Top || To Themes Issues List

Essays on Historicism

LEONARD KRIEGER, Elements of Early Historicism: Experience, Theory, and History in Ranke || abstract || JSTOR

PIETRO ROSSI, The Ideological Valences of Twentieth-Century Historicism || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN PASSMORE, The Poverty of Historicism Revisited || abstract || JSTOR

HAYDEN V. WHITE, Historicism, History, and the Figurative Imagination || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1975 || Top


DAVID L. HULL, Central Subjects and Historical Narratives || abstract || JSTOR

HANS D. KELLNER, Time Out: The Discontinuity of Historical Consciousness || abstract || JSTOR

DALE H. PORTER, History as Process || abstract || JSTOR

GABRIELLE M. SPIEGEL, Political Utility in Medieval Historiography: A Sketch || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ALICE KOHLI-KUNZ, Erinnern und Vergessen. Das Gegenwärtigsein des Vergangenen als Grundproblem historischer Wissenschaft and JOACHIM and ORLINDE RADKAU, Praxis der Geschichtswissenschaft. Die Desorientiertheit des historischen Interesses (Robert Anchor) || JSTOR

HAROLD TOLIVER, Animate Illusions. Explanations of Narrative Structure (A. R. Louch) || JSTOR

KURT KLUXEN, Vorlesungen zur Geschichtstheorie (Henry Pachter) || JSTOR

R. J. WHITE, Thomas Hardy and History (Robert E. Bonner) || JSTOR

MAY 1975 || Top


GERALD IZENBERG, Psychohistory and Intellectual History || abstract || JSTOR

ANTHONY T. GRAFTON, Joseph Scaliger and Historical Chronology: The Rise and Fall of a Discipline || abstract || JSTOR

W. H. WALSH, The Causation of Ideas || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MARTIN JAY, The Dialectical Imagination. A History of the Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research (Heinz Lubasz) || JSTOR

MICHAEL A. MEYER, ed., Ideas of Jewish History (Jacob Neusner) || JSTOR

F. W. WALBANK, Polybius (Jacqueline de Romilly) || JSTOR

STEVEN LUKES, Emile Durkheim. His Life and Work; ERNEST WALLWORK, Durkheim. Morality and Milieu; DOMINICK LACAPRA, Emile Durkheim. Sociologist and Philosopher (S. C. Humphreys) || JSTOR

PETER LASLETT, ed., with RICHARD WALL, Household and Family in Past Time (Tamara K. Hareven) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1975 || Top


RANDOLPH STARN, Meaning-Levels in the Theme of Historical Decline || abstract || JSTOR

ELAZAR WEINRYB, The Justification of a Causal Thesis: An Analysis of the Controversies over the Theses of Pirenne, Turner, and Weber || abstract || JSTOR

ERNST NOLTE, The Relationship between "Bourgeois" and "Marxist" Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

HAYDEN V. WHITE, Metahistory. The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Europe (John S. Nelson) || JSTOR

ROBERT WILLIAM FOGEL and STANLEY L. ENGERMAN, Time on the Cross. The Economics of American Negro Slavery (Frank B. Tipton, Jr. and Clarence E. Walker) || JSTOR

FRED WEINSTEIN and GERALD M. PLATT, The Wish to Be Free: Society, Psyche and Value Change and Psychoanalytic Sociology: An Essay on the Interpretation of Historical Data and the Phenomena of Collective Behavior (J. L. Talmon) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1974, BEIHEFT 13 || Top || To Themes Issues List


1966-1968: ADDENDA

Compiled by Sylvia Pruitt and Astrid Witschi-Bernz

No abstracts

Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History || JSTOR

Index of Subjects || JSTOR

Index of Names || JSTOR

1966-1968: Addenda. A Supplement to Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1966-1968 || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1974 || Top


GEORGE HUPPERT, Divinatio et Eruditio: Thoughts on Foucault || abstract || JSTOR

HOWARD ADELMAN, Rational Explanation Reconsidered: Case Studies and the Hempel-Dray Model || abstract || JSTOR

S. N. EISENSTADT, Studies of Modernization and Sociological Theory || abstract || JSTOR

SUE NICHTERLEIN, Historicism and Historiography in Indonesia || abstract || JSTOR

ALLEN L. WOLL, The Philosophy of History in Nineteenth-Century Chile: The Lastarria-Bello Controversy || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MICHAEL KRAUSZ, ed., Critical Essays on the Philosophy of R. G. Collingwood (William Dray) || JSTOR

SERGIO BERTELLI, Ribelli, libertini e ortodossi nella storiografla barocca (William J. Bouwsma) || JSTOR

RAY ALLEN BILLINGTON, Frederick Jackson Turner. Historian, Scholar, Teacher (Cushing Strout) || JSTOR

RAYMOND ARON, Histoire et dialectique de la violence (Mark Poster) || JSTOR

MELVIN RICHTER, ed., Essays in Theory and History. An Approach to the Social Sciences (Stephen R. Graubard) || JSTOR

MAY 1974 || Top


STUART CLARK, Bacon's Henry VII: A Case-Study in the Science of Man || abstract || JSTOR

ARTHUR LLOYD SKOP, The Primacy of Domestic Politics: Eckart Kehr and the Intellectual Development of Charles A. Beard || abstract || JSTOR

PETRARCH's Prefaces to De viris illustribus; with an Introductory Note by Benjamin G. Kohl [Classics in the Philosophy of History Series] || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

JOHN CLIVE, Macaulay (G. Kitson Clark) || JSTOR

PASQUALE SALVUCCI, Adam Ferguson (William C. Lehmann) || JSTOR

RÖDIGER LANDFESTER, Historia Magistra Vitae and JOHANNES BURKHARDT, Die Entstehung der modernen Jahrhundertrechnung (Astrid Witschi-Bernz) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1974 || Top


PAUL K. CONKIN, Causation Revisited || abstract || JSTOR

PAUL JANSSENS, Histoire économique ou économie rétrospective? || abstract || JSTOR

LAWRENCE S. STEPELEVICH, August von Cieszkowski: From Theory to Praxis || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID GROSS, The "New History": A Note of Reappraisal || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

FRIEDRICH MEINECKE, Historism (Felix Gilbert) || JSTOR

PHILIP POMPER, Peter Lavrov and the Russian Revolutionary Movement (James P. Scanlan) || JSTOR

BERT JAMES LOEWENBERG, American History in American Thought (John Higham) || JSTOR

HANS-GEORG GADAMER, ed., Truth and Historicity (Moltke S. Gram) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1973 || Top (no Beiheft this year)


PHILIP POMPER, Problems of a Naturalistic Psychohistory || abstract || JSTOR

LINDA GARDINER JANIK, Lorenzo Valla: The Primacy of Rhetoric and the Demoralization of History || abstract || JSTOR

JACK W. MEILAND, The Historical Relativism of Charles A. Beard || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MAURICE MANDELBAUM, History, Man, and Reason. A Study in Nineteenth-Century Thought (John Passmore) || JSTOR

BENOIT LACROÎX, L'Historien au moyen âge (Robert W. Hanning) || JSTOR

WILLIAM TODD, History as Applied Science (C. Behan McCullagh) || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1973 || Top


ADRIAN KUZMINSKI, The Paradox of Historical Knowledge || abstract || JSTOR

C. BEHAN MCCULLAGH, Historical Instrumentalism || abstract || JSTOR

CHARLES D. TARLTON, Historicity, Meaning, and Revisionism in the Study of Political Thought || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

BERTELL OLLMAN, Alienation. Marx's Conception of Man in Capitalist Society (J. E. Seigel) || JSTOR

G. S. KIRK, Myth: Its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures (Samuel Kinser) || JSTOR

MICHAEL GRANT, The Ancient Historians (Thomas W. Africa) || JSTOR

LOUIS GEORGE HELLER, Communicational Analysis and Methodology for Historians (Walter A. Sedelow, Jr.) || JSTOR

MAY 1973 || Top


GILBERT SHAPIRO, JOHN MARKOFF, and SASHA R. WEITMAN, Quantitative Studies of the French Revolution || abstract || JSTOR

JERZY TOPOLSKI, Lévi-Strauss and Marx on History || abstract || JSTOR

MYRIAM YARDENI, Journalisme et Histoire Contemporaine à I'Epoque de Bayle || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ARNALDO MOMIGLIANO, The Development of Greek Biography (F. W. Walbank) || JSTOR

JOHN RAWLS, A Theory of Justice (Maurice Mandelbaum) || JSTOR

J. G. A. POCOCK, Politics, Language and Time (Richard Buel, Jr.) || JSTOR

CHARLES E. MCCLELLAND, The German Historians and England (Klemens von Klemperer) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1973 || Top


DAVID GODDARD, Max Weber and the Objectivity of Social Science || abstract || JSTOR

HAYDEN V. WHITE, Foucault Decoded: Notes from Underground || abstract || JSTOR

ROBERT NORTH, Bibliography of Works in Theology and History (no abstract) || JSTOR

Review Essays:

E. A. WRIGLEY, Population et histoire (Jacques Dupaquier) || JSTOR

DIANE SHAVER CLEMENS, Yalta and ATHAN G. THEOHARIS, The Yalta Myths (Robert D. Schulzinger) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1972, BEIHEFT 12 || Top || To Themes Issues List


Compiled by Astrid Witschi-Bernz

Introductory note || JSTOR

Bibliography of Works in the Philosophy of History 1500&endash;1800 || JSTOR

Main Trends in Historical-Method Literature: Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1972 || Top


ARNALDO MOMIGLIANO, Tradition and the Classical Historian || abstract || JSTOR

EHUD SPRINZAK, Weber's Thesis as an Historical Explanation || abstract || JSTOR

FRIEDRICH VON SCHILLER, The Nature and Value of Universal History: An Inaugural Lecture [1789] [Classics in the Philosophy of History Series] || abstract || JSTOR

BRUCE MAZLISH, The Tragic Farce of Marx, Hegel, and Engels || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ROWLAND BERTHOFF, An Unsettled People (Neil Harris) || JSTOR

PETER GAY, The Enlightenment: An Interpretation. Volume II: The Science of Freedom (Jean-Marie Goulemot) || JSTOR

J. H. HEXTER, The History Primer (Bruce Kuklick) || JSTOR

JOHN HIGHAM, Writing American History and ROBERT E. BROWN, Carl Becker on History and the American Revolution(Michael Kammen) || JSTOR

MAY 1972 || Top


ROBERT STOVER, Responsibility for the Cold War A Case Study in Historical Responsibility || abstract || JSTOR

TRACY B. STRONG, History and Choices: The Foundations of the Political Thought of Raymond Aron || abstract || JSTOR

RENATE BRIDENTHAL, Niebuhr's Thesis and Its Critics || abstract || JSTOR

BALKRISHNA GOVIND GOKHALE, Gandhi and History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essay:

JOHN DEMOS, A Little Commonwealth; PHILIP J. GREVEN, JR., Four Generations; KENNETH A. LOCKRIDGE, A New England Town; ROBERT G. POPE, The Half-Way Covenant; and MICHAEL ZUCKERMAN, Peaceable Kingdoms (John M. Murrin) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1972 || Top


PETER WILES, The Necessity and Impossibility of Political Economy || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGES DUBY, L'Histoire des systèmes de valeurs || abstract || JSTOR

ISAAC KRAMNICK, Reflections on Revolution: Definition and Explanation in Recent Scholarship || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

JERROLD E. SEIGEL, Rhetoric and Philosophy in Renaissance Humanism (Nancy S. Struever) || JSTOR

ROBERT A. NISBET, Social Change and History (Hubert J. O'Gorman) || JSTOR

GEORGE HUPPERT, The Idea of Perfect History and DONALD R. KELLEY, Foundations of Modern Historical Scholarship (J. G. A. Pocock) || JSTOR

MARTIN BALLARD, ed., New Movements in the Study and Teaching of History (Jurgen Herbst) || JSTOR

ARTHUR MARWICK, The Nature of History and PAUL VEYNE, Comment on écrit l'histoire (William H. McNeill) || JSTOR

HUGH STRETTON, The Political Sciences (A. R. Louch) || JSTOR