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DECEMBER 1991, BEIHEFT 30 || Top || To Theme Issues List

The Presence of the Historian: Essays in Memory of Arnaldo Momigliano 

MICHAEL S. STEINBERG, Introduction to The Presence of the Historian: Essays in Memory of Arnaldo Momigliano (no abstract) || JSTOR

KARL CHRIST, Arnaldo Momigliano and the History of Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

JOANNA WEINBERG, Where Three Civilizations Meet || abstract || JSTOR

G. W. BOWERSOCK, Momigliano's Quest for the Person || abstract || JSTOR

CARLO GINZBURG, Momigliano and De Martino || abstract || JSTOR

OSWYN MURRAY, Arnaldo Momigliano in England || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1991 || Top


MASAYUKI SATO, Comparative Ideas of Chronology || abstract || JSTOR

C. BEHAN MCCULLAGH, Can Our Understanding of Old Texts be Objective? || abstract || JSTOR

JERZY TOPOLSKI, Towards an Integrated || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

FRED WEINSTEIN, History and Theory after the Fall (Philip Pomper) || JSTOR

JÖRN RÜSEN, Lebendige Geschichte: Grundzüge einer Historik III: Formen und Funktionene des historischen Wissens (Robert Anchor) || JSTOR

HANS KELLNER, Language and Historical Representation: Getting the Story Crooked (J. L. Gorman) || JSTOR

MICHAEL FRIED, Courbet's Realism and Realism, Writing, Disfiguration: On Thomas Eakins and Stephen Crane (David Carrier) || JSTOR

WILLIAM H. MCNEILL, Arnold K. Toynbee: A Life (Gerd Muller) || JSTOR

M. A. BARG, Epohi i Idea: Stanovlenie istorisma [Epochs and Ideas: The Becoming of Historism] (Michael A. Kissell) || JSTOR

MAY 1991 ||Top


ANDREW P. NORMAN, Telling it Like it Was: Historical Narratives on Their Own Terms || abstract || JSTOR

JACOB NEUSNER, The Historical Event as a Cultural Indicator: The Case of Judaism || abstract || JSTOR

JOSEPH FRACCHIA, Marx's Aufhebung of Philosophy and the Foundations of a Materialist Science of History || abstract || JSTOR

CHRISTOPHER LLOYD, The Methodologies of Social History: A Critical Survey and Defense of Structurism || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ERNST BLOCH, The Principle of Hope (Ronald Aronson) || JSTOR

MICHAEL GOTTLOB, Geschichtsschreibung zwischen Aufklärung und Historismus: Johannes von Müller und Friedrich Christoph Schlosser (Peter Reill) || JSTOR

PAUL COURBIN, What Is Archaeology? (John Moreland) || JSTOR

GEORGE MINOIS, History of Old Age from Antiquity to the Renaissance (Peter N. Stearns) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1991 ||Top



GEORGE A. REISCH, Chaos, History, and Narrative || abstract || JSTOR

DONALD N. MCCLOSKEY, History, Differential Equations, and the Problem of Narration || abstract || JSTOR


JACK AMARIGLIO and BRUCE NORTON, Marxist Historians and the Question of Class in the French Revolution || abstract || JSTOR

PATRICK H. HUTTON, The Role of Memory in the Historiography of the French Revolution || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

JOSEF CHYTRY, The Aesthetic State: A Quest in Modern German Thought (Allan Megill) || JSTOR

WOLFGANG J. MOMMSEN, The Political and Social Theory of Max Weber and LAWRENCE A. SCAFF, Fleeing the Iron Cage: Culture, Politics, and Modernity in the Thought of Max Weber (Lelan McLemore) || JSTOR

WILLIAM H. DRAY, On History and Philosophers of History (Alan Donagan) || JSTOR

CHRISTIAN SIMON, Staat und Geschichtswissenschaft in Deutschland und Frankreich 1871-1914: Situation und Werk von Geschichsprofessoren an den Universitäten Berlin, München, Paris (Fritz Ringer) || JSTOR

JOHN CLIVE, Not by Fact Alone (Doris S. Goldstein) || JSTOR

LESZEK NOWAK, ed., Dimensions of the Historical Process (Charles Tilly) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1990, BEIHEFT 29 || Top || To Theme Issues List

Reassessing Collingwood


JAMES PATRICK, Is "The Theory of History" (1914) Collingwood's First Essay on the Philosophy of History? || abstract || JSTOR

JAMES CONNELLY, Was R. G. Collingwood the Author of "The Theory of History"? || abstract || JSTOR

W. JAN VAN DER DUSSEN, Collingwood and the Idea of Progress || abstract || JSTOR

LEON J. GOLDSTEIN, The Idea of History as a Scale of Forms || abstract || JSTOR

MICHAEL A. KISSELL, Progressive Traditionalism as the Spirit of Collingwood's Philosophy || abstract || JSTOR

G. S. COUSE, Collingwood's Detective Image of the Historian and the Study of Hadrian's Wall || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1990 || Top


PEREZ ZAGORIN, Historiography and Postmodernism: Reconsiderations || abstract || JSTOR

F. R. ANKERSMIT, Reply to Professor Zagorin || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID CARRIER, Art History in the Mirror Stage: Interpreting Un Bar aux Folies Bergères || abstract || JSTOR

ANDRUS PORK, History, Lying, and Moral Responsibility || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ALEX CALLINICOS, Making History: Agency, Structure and Change in Social Theory (Eero Loone) || JSTOR

RICHARD RORTY, Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity (Michael S. Roth) || JSTOR

KARL DIETRICH ERDMANN, Die Oekumene der Hisoriker: Geschichte der Internationalen Historikerkongresse und des Comité International des Science Historiques (Irmline Veit-Brause) || JSTOR

HIRAM CATON, The Politics of Progress: The Origins and Development of the Commercial Republic, 1600-1835 (Robert D. Richardson, Jr.) || JSTOR

MAY 1990 || Top


THOMAS L. HASKELL, Objectivity is not Neutrality: Rhetoric vs. Practice in Peter Novick's That Noble Dream || abstract || JSTOR

ADRIAN VICKERS, Balinese Texts and Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

STEPHEN BROCKMAN, The Politics of German History || abstract || JSTOR

JÖRN RÜSEN, Rhetoric and Aesthetics of History: Leopold von Ranke || abstract || JSTOR

REX MARTIN, G. H. von Wright on Explanation and Understanding: An Appraisal || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ERNEST GELLNER, Plough, Sword and Book: The Structure of Human History (William H. McNeill) || JSTOR

FRANÇOIS FURET, La Révolution de Turgot à Jules Ferry 1770-1880 (David P. Jordan) || JSTOR

MICHAEL S. ROTH, Knowing and History: Appropriations of Hegel in Twentieth-Century France (Judith Butler) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1990 || Top


DAVID INGRAM, Blumenberg and the Philosophical Grounds of Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

ALAN B. SPITZER, John Dewey, the "Trial" of Leon Trotsky and the Search for Historical Truth || abstract || JSTOR

MELVIN RICHTER, Reconstructing the History of Political Languages: Pocock, Skinner, and the Geschichtfiche Grundbegriffe || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

JOAN WALLACH SCOTT, Gender and the Politics of History (William H. Sewell, Jr.) || JSTOR

PADELIS LEKAS, Marx on Classical Antiquity: Problems of Historical Methodology (David Konstan) || JSTOR

CHRISTOPHER LLOYD, Explanation in Social History (Asa Briggs) || JSTOR

STEPHEN GREENBLATT, Shakespearean Negotiations: The Circulation of Social Energy in Renaissance England (Christopher J. Hill) || JSTOR

PATRICIA B. CRADDOCK, Edward Gibbon, Luminous Historian, 1772-1794 (W. B. Carnochan) || JSTOR

ARTHUR DANTO, The Transfiguration of the Commonplace; The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art; and The State of the Art (Noël Carroll) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1989, BEIHEFT 28 || Top || To Theme Issues List


1978-1982: ADDENDA

No abstracts; access this issue on JSTOR

OCTOBER 1989 || Top


DAVID M. HALPERIN, Is There a History of Sexuality? || abstract || JSTOR

SUSAN DUNN, Michelet and Lamartine: Regicide, Passion, and Compassion || abstract || JSTOR

CHRISTOPHER LLOYD, Realism and Structurism in Historical Theory: A Discussion of the Thought of Maurice Mandelbaum || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ALASDAIR MACINTYRE, After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory, and Whose Justice? Which Rationality? (R. Jay Wallace) || JSTOR

ERROL E. HARRIS, The Reality of Time (George Allan) || JSTOR

JOHN S. NELSON, ed., The Rhetoric of the Human Sciences: Language and Argument in Scholarship and Public Affairs (Alfred R. Louch) || JSTOR

VOLKER R. BERGHAHN and HANNA SCHISSLER, eds., Perceptions of History: An Analysis of School Textbooks (Kieran Egan) || JSTOR

MAY 1989 || Top


F. R. ANKERSMIT, Historiography and Postmodernism || abstract || JSTOR

FRITZ K. RINGER, Causal Analysis in Historical Reasoning || abstract || JSTOR

NADINE FRESCO, Parcours du ressentiment: pseudo-histoire et théorie sur mesure dans le "révisionnisme" français || abstract || JSTOR

ROGER CHICKERING, Young Lamprecht: An Essay in Biography and Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

TERRY L. MIETHE, ed., Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? The Resurrection Debate: Gary R. Habermas and Antony G. N. Flew (Burton L. Mack) || JSTOR

HANS BLUMENBERG, The Genesis of the Copernican World (Dudley Shapere) || JSTOR

DONALD J. WILCOX, The Measure of Times Past: Pre-Newtonian Chronologies and the Rhetoric of Relative Time (Peter Munz) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1989 || Top


A. A. VAN DEN BRAEMBUSSCHE, Historical Explanation and Comparative Method: Towards a Theory of the History of Society || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN KADVANY, A Mathematical Bildungsroman || abstract || JSTOR

MICHAEL E. HOBART, The Paradox of Historical Constructionism || abstract || JSTOR

GEORG G. IGGERS, New Directions in Historical Studies in the German Democratic Republic || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

WOLFGANG J. MOMMSEN, ed., Leopold von Ranke und die moderne Geschichtswissenschaft (Theodore H. Von Laue) || JSTOR

JÜRGEN HABERMAS, The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity: Twelve Lectures (Martin Jay) || JSTOR

MONA OZOUF, Festivals and the French Revolution (Joseph F. Byrnes) || JSTOR

RICHARD W. MILLER, Fact and Method: Explanation, Confirmation and Reality in the Natural and the Social Sciences (Joseph Rouse) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1988, BEIHEFT 27 || Top || To Theme Issues List

Essays in Jewish Historiography


SHAYE J. D. COHEN, History and Historiography in the Against Apion of Josephus || abstract || JSTOR

JACOB NEUSNER, Judaic Uses of History in Talmudic Times || abstract || JSTOR

ROBERT CHAZAN, Representation of Events in the Middle Ages || abstract || JSTOR

BRUNO CHIESA, A Note on Early Karaite Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

LOUIS JACOBS, Historical Thinking in the Post-Talmudic Halakhah || abstract || JSTOR

ROBERT BONFIL, How Golden was the Age of the Renaissance in Jewish Historiography? || abstract || JSTOR

NATALIE ZEMON DAVIS, Fame and Secrecy: Leon Modena's Life as an Early Modern Autobiography || abstract || JSTOR

ADA RAPOPORT-ALBERT, Hagiography with Footnotes: Edifying Tales and the Writing of History in Hasidism || abstract || JSTOR

MICHAEL A. MEYER, The Emergence of Modern Jewish Historiography: Motives and Motifs || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1988 || Top


F. R. ANKERSMIT, Historical Representation || abstract || JSTOR

WILLIAM CASEMENT, Husserl and the Philosophy of History || abstract || JSTOR

JACOB NEUSNER, When Intellectual Paradigms Shift: Does the End of the Old Mark the Beginning of the New? || abstract || JSTOR

DANIEL MILO, L'An mil: un problème d'historiographie moderne || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

HAYDEN V. WHITE, The Content of the Form: Narrative Discourse and Historical Representation (W. H. Dray) || JSTOR

PETER T. MANICAS, A History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Brian C. Fay) || JSTOR

DAVID CARR, Time, Narrative and History (Noël Carroll) || JSTOR

NICOLE LORAUX, The Invention of Athens (Daniel P. Tompkins) || JSTOR

J. C. D. CLARK, Revolution and Rebellion: State and Society in England in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Leonard Tennenhouse) || JSTOR

MAY 1988 || Top


MATT F. OJA, Fictional History and Historical Fiction: Solzhenitsyn and Kis as Exemplars || abstract || JSTOR

PHILLIP STAMBOVSKY, Metaphor and Historical Understanding || abstract || JSTOR

ANDRUS PORK, Critical Philosophy of History in Soviet Thought || abstract || JSTOR

BRIAN J. WHITTON, Herder's Critique of the Enlightenment: Cultural Community Versus Cosmopolitan Rationalism || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MICHAEL MANN, The Sources of Social Power. Volume 1: A History of Power from the Beginning to A. D. 1760 (Barrington Moore, Jr.) || JSTOR

M. I. FINLEY, Ancient History: Evidence and Models (David Konstan) || JSTOR

HANS BELTING, The End of the History of Art? (David Carrier) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1988 || Top


PAUL A. ROTH, Narrative Explanations: The Case of History || abstract || JSTOR

DANIEL BERTHOLD-BOND, Hegel's Eschatological Vision: Does History Have a Future? || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID F. LINDENFELD, On Systems and Embodiments as Categories for Intellectual History || abstract || JSTOR

NANCY S. STRUEVER, Pasquier's Recherches de la France: The Exemplarity of His Medieval Sources || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

EDITH WYSCHOGROD, Spirit in Ashes: Hegel, Heidegger, and Man-Made Mass Death (Judith Butler) || JSTOR

JOHN RAJCHMAN, Michel Foucault: The Freedom of Philosophy (Michael S. Roth) || JSTOR

JÖRN RÜSEN, Grundzüge einer Historik II.- Rekonstruktion der Vergangenheit (F. R. Ankersmit) || JSTOR

THEODORE S. HAMEROW, Reflections on History and Historians (Allan Megill) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1987, BEIHEFT 26 || Top || To Theme Issues List

The Representation of Historical Events


HANS KELLNER, Narrativity in History: Post-Structuralism and Since || abstract || JSTOR

C. BEHAN MCCULLAGH, The Truth of Historical Narratives || abstract || JSTOR

STEPHEN BANN, The Odd Man Out: Historical Narrative and the Cinematic Image || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN PASSMORE, Narratives and Events || abstract || JSTOR

JERZY TOPOLSKI, Historical Narrative: Towards a Coherent Structure || abstract || JSTOR

JÖRN RÜSEN, Historical Narration: Foundation, Types, Reason || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1987 || Top


JÖRN RÜSEN, The Didactics of History in West Germany: Towards a New Self-Awareness of Historical Studies || abstract || JSTOR

ROY MASH, How Important for Philosophers is the History of Philosophy? || abstract || JSTOR

AVIHU ZAKAI, Reformation, History, and Eschatology in English Protestantism || abstract || JSTOR

DONALD R. KELLEY, Ancient Verses on New Ideas: Legal Tradition and the French Historical School || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

DAVID CARR, WILLIAM DRAY, THEODORE F. GERAETS, FERMAND OUELLET, and HUBERT WATELET, eds., La Philosophie de l'histoire et la pratique historienne d'aujourd'hui (Philosophy of History and Contemporary Historiography) (R. F. Atkinson) || JSTOR

DAVID LOWENTHAL, The Past Is a Foreign Country (C. Vann Woodward) || JSTOR

PETER GAY, Freud for Historians (Theodore Sarbin) || JSTOR

JAMES SCHMIDT, Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Between Phenomenology and Structuralism (John J. Compton) || JSTOR

ANDREAS DORPALEN, German History in Marxist Perspective: The East German Approach (Herbert A. Arnold) || JSTOR

MAY 1987 || Top


WILLIAM H. DRAY, J. H. Hexter, Neo-Whiggism and Early Stuart Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID CARRIER, Piero della Francesca and his Interpreters: Is There Progress in Art History? || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN L. HERKLESS, Economic Change and the Idealist Revival in Historiography at the Turn of the Century || abstract || JSTOR

Review of Reviews:

SEYMOUR DRESCHER, Eric Williams: British Capitalism and British Slavery || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

REINHART KOSELLECK, Futures Past: On the Semantics of Historical Time (David Carr) || JSTOR

ALLAN MEGILL, Prophets of Extremity: Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, Derrida (John Kirkland) || JSTOR

PHILIP CORRIGAN and DEREK SAYER, The Great Arch: English State Formation as Cultural Revolution (H. V. Emy) || JSTOR

HEINZ KOHUT, Self Psychology and the Humanities: Reflections on a New Psychoanalytic Approach (Lewis D. Wurgaft) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1987 || Top


RICHARD T. VANN, Louis Mink's Linguistic Turn || abstract || JSTOR

SAMUEL P. HAYS, Theoretical Implications of Recent Work in the History of American Society and Politics || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN F. TINKLER, The Rhetorical Method of Francis Bacon's History of the Reign of King Henry VII || abstract || JSTOR

CHARLES G. SALAS, Collingwood's Historical Principles at Work || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MARSHALL SAHLINS, Islands of History (Jonathan Friedman) || JSTOR

PAUL VEYNE, Writing History: Essay on Epistemology (J. L. Gorman) || JSTOR

HORST WALTER BLANKE and JÖRN RÜSEN, eds., Von der Aufklärung zum Historismus: Zum Strukturwandel des Historischen Denkens (Georg G. Iggers) || JSTOR

JOHN B. THOMPSON, Studies in the Theory of Ideology (William Outhwaite) || JSTOR