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DECEMBER 1996, Theme Issue 35 || Top || To Theme Issues List

Chinese Historiography in Comparative Perspective
edited by Axel Schneider and Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik


SUSANNE WEIGELIN-SCHWIEDRZIK, Introduction to "Chinese Historiography in Comparative Perspective" || JSTOR

JÖRN RÜSEN, Some Theoretical Approaches to Intercultural Comparative Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

BENJAMIN SCHWARTZ, History in Chinese Culture: Some Comparative Reflections || abstract || JSTOR

MICHAEL QUIRIN, Scholarship, Value, Method, and Hermeneutics in Kaozheng: Some Reflections on Cui Shu (1740-1816) and the Confucian Classics || abstract || JSTOR

AXEL SCHNEIDER, Between Dao and History: Two Chinese Historians in Search of a Modern Identity for China || abstract || JSTOR

SUSANNE WEIGELIN-SCHWIEDRZIK, On shi and lun: Toward a Typology of Historiography in the PRC || abstract || JSTOR

ARIF DIRLIK, Chinese History and the Question of Orientalism || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1996 || Top


PHILIP POMPER, Historians and Individual Agency || abstract || JSTOR

BRIAN C. J. SINGER, Cultural versus Contractual Nations: Rethinking Their Opposition || abstract || JSTOR

ANN RIGNEY, The Untenanted Places of the Past: Thomas Carlyle and the Varieties of Historical Ignorance || abstract || JSTOR

Review Article:

MUSTAFA EMIRBAYER and JEFF GOODWIN, Symbols, Positions, Objects: Toward a New Theory of Revolutions and Collective Action (a review article of Debating Revolutions, ed. Nikki R. Keddie) || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

STEVEN T. KATZ, The Holocaust in Historical Context. Volume 1: The Holocaust and Mass Death before the Modern Age (Berel Lang) || JSTOR

STEPHEN BANN, Romanticism and the Rise of History (Susan Dunn) || JSTOR

WOLFGANG NATTER, THEODORE R. SCHATZKI, and JOHN PAUL JONES III, eds., Objectivity and Its Other (Mark Bevir) || JSTOR

CARL PAGE, Philosophical Historicism and the Betrayal of First Philosophy (Stanley Rosen) || JSTOR

MAY 1996 || Top


RAYMOND GEUSS, Kultur, Bildung, Geist || abstract || JSTOR

WOLFGANG-RAINER MANN, The Origins of the Modern Historiography of Ancient Philosophy || abstract || JSTOR

AVIEZER TUCKER, Shipwrecked: Patocka's Philosophy of Czech History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

TERESA BRENNAN, History after Lacan (Christina Crosby) || JSTOR

JOSEPH MARGOLIS, The Flux of History and the Flux of Science (John J. Compton) || JSTOR

R. J. B. BOSWORTH, Explaining Auschwitz and Hiroshima: History Writing and the Second World War 1945-1990 (Chris Lorenz) || JSTOR

LLOYD KRAMER, DONALD REID, and WILLIAM L. BARNEY, eds., Learning History in America: Schools, Cultures, and Politics (Denis Shemilt) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1996 || Top


DOYNE DAWSON, The Origins of War: Biological and Anthropological Theories || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID BATES, Rediscovering Collingwood's Spiritual History (In and Out of Context) || abstract || JSTOR

ILIE PAUNESCU, L'Entrée dans la posthistoire: critères de définition || abstract || JSTOR

MALACHI HAIM HACOHEN, Leonard Krieger: Historicization and Political Engagement in Intellectual History (a Review Essay of Leonard Krieger, Ideas and Events: Professing History and Time's Reasons: Philosophies of History Old and New) || abstract || JSTOR

NED JACKSON, The First Death of Louis Althusser or Totality's Revenge (a Review Essay of Louis Althusser, The Future Lasts Forever; Yann Moulier Boutang, Louis Althusser: une biographie; Gregory Elliot, ed., Althusser: A Critical Reader; E. Ann Kaplan and Michael Sprinker, eds., The Althusserian Legacy; Robert Paul Resch, Althusser and the Renewal of Marxist Social Theory) || abstract || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1995 || Top


KERWIN LEE KLEIN, In Search of Narrative Mastery: Postmodernism and the Peoples without History || abstract || JSTOR

FRED WEINSTEIN, Psychohistory and the Crisis of the Social Sciences || abstract || JSTOR


on JOYCE APPLEBY, LYNN HUNT, and MARGARET JACOB, Telling the Truth about History (review essays by Raymond Martin, Joan W. Scott, and Cushing Strout) || JSTOR

Review Essays:

PATRICK H. HUTTON, History as an Art of Memory (Daniel Gordon) || JSTOR

MOISHE POSTONE, Time, Labor, and Social Domination (Joseph Fracchia) || JSTOR

PAUL COSTELLO, World Historians and Their Goals: Twentieth-Century Answers to Modernism (Raymond Grew) || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1995 || Top


Forum: The Meaning of Historicism and its Relevance for Contemporary Theory

F. R. ANKERSMIT, Historicism: An Attempt at Synthesis || abstract || JSTOR

GEORG G. IGGERS, Comments on F. R. Ankersmit's Paper, "Historicism: An Attempt at Synthesis" || abstract || JSTOR

F. R. ANKERSMIT, Reply to Professor Iggers || abstract || JSTOR

JAN R. VEENSTRA, The New Historicism of Stephen Greenblatt: On Poetics of Culture and the Interpretation of Shakespeare || abstract || JSTOR

Review of Reviews:

GYAN PRAKASH, Orientalism Now (a Review of Reviews of Edward Said, Orientalism) || abstract || JSTOR

Review Article:

LAURA L. FRADER, Dissent over Discourse: Labor History, Gender, and the Linguistic Turn || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MURRAY G. MURPHEY, Philosophical Foundations of Historical Knowledge (Paul A. Roth) || JSTOR

IWONA IRWIN-ZARECKA, Frames of Remembrance: The Dynamics of Collective Memory (Michael Kammen) || JSTOR

FRIEDRICH JÄGER, Bürgerliche Modernisierungskrise und historische Sinnbildung: Kulturgeschichte bei Droysen, Burckhardt und Max Weber (Helen Liebel-Weckowicz) || JSTOR

MAY 1995, Theme Issue 34 || Top || To Theme Issues List

World Historians and Their Critics
edited by Philip Pomper


PHILIP POMPER, World History and Its Critics (Introduction) || JSTOR

WILLIAM H. MCNEILL, The Changing Shape of World History || abstract || JSTOR

FRANCIS FUKUYAMA, The End of History, Five Years Later || abstract || JSTOR

ASHIS NANDY, History's Forgotten Doubles || abstract || JSTOR

LEWIS WURGAFT, Identity in World History: A Post-Modern Perspective || abstract || JSTOR

JANET ABU-LUGHOD, The World-System Perspective in the Construction of Economic History || abstract || JSTOR

WILLIAM GREEN, Periodizing World History || abstract || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1995 || Top


IGNACIO OLÁBARRI, "New" New History: A Longue Durée Structure || abstract || JSTOR

Forum: Chaos Theory Revisited

PAUL A. ROTH and THOMAS A. RYCKMAN, Chaos, Clio, and Scientistic Illusions of Understanding || abstract || JSTOR

GEORGE REISCH, Scientism without Tears: A Reply to Roth and Ryckman || abstract || JSTOR

MICHAEL SHERMER, Exorcising Laplace's Demon: Chaos and Antichaos, History and Metahistory || abstract || JSTOR

BEREL LANG, Is It Possible to Misrepresent the Holocaust? || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

JOHN KEEGAN, A History of Warfare (Richard Buel, Jr.) || JSTOR

ROBERT PIPPIN, Modernism as a Philosophical Problem: On the Dissatisfactions of European High Culture (Josef Chytry) || JSTOR

PHILIP BARKER, Michel Foucault: Subversions of the Subject (Robert Anchor) || JSTOR

LEON POMPA, Vico: A Study of the "New Science" (Cecilia Miller) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1994, Theme Issue 33 || Top || To Theme Issues List

Proof and Persuasion in History
edited by Anthony Grafton and Suzanne L. Marchand


MAURICE OLENDER, Europe, or How to Escape Babel || abstract || JSTOR

JOSINE H. BLOK, Quests for a Scientific Mythology: F. Creuzer and K. O. Müller on History and Myth || abstract || JSTOR

ANTHONY GRAFTON, The Footnote from de Thou to Ranke || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID WOOTTON, Narrative, Irony, and Faith in Gibbon's Decline and Fall || abstract) || JSTOR

SUZANNE L. MARCHAND, The Rhetoric of Artifacts and the Decline of Classical Humanism: The Case of Josef Strzygowski || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1994 || Top


CAROLYN DEAN,The Productive Hypothesis: Foucault, Gender, and the History of Sexuality || abstract || JSTOR

Forum: Between Objectivism and Skepticism

CHRIS LORENZ, Historical Knowledge and Historical Reality: a Plea for "Internal Realism" || abstract || JSTOR

MARK BEVIR, Objectivity in History || abstract || JSTOR

PETER HANNS REILL, Science and the Construction of the Cultural Sciences in Late Enlightenment Germany: The Case of Wilhelm von Humboldt || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

BRUCE MAZLISH, The Fourth Discontinuity: The Co-evolution of Humans and Machines (Merlin Donald) || JSTOR

JOHN ANDREW BERNSTEIN, Progress and the Quest for Meaning: A Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (Annette Aronowicz) || JSTOR

GREGORY VLASTOS, Socrates: Ironist and Moral Philosopher (R. A. McNeal) || JSTOR

WILLI OBERKROME, Volksgeschichte: Methodische Innovationen und Völkische Ideologisierung in der Deutschen Geschichtswissenschaft 1918-1945 (Georg Iggers) || JSTOR

MAY 1994 || Top


Forum: Representing the Holocaust

HANS KELLNER, "Never Again" Is Now || abstract || JSTOR

WULF KANSTEINER, From Exception to Exemplum: The New Approach to Nazism and the "Final Solution" || abstract || JSTOR

ROBERT BRAUN, The Holocaust and Problems of Historical Representation || abstract || JSTOR

ANDREW BEARDS, Reversing Historical Skepticism: Bernard Lonergan on the Writing of History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

LUCIE VARGA, Les Autorités invisibles. Edited, with an introduction, by Peter Schöttler (George Huppert) || JSTOR

C. A. J. COADY, Testimony: A Philosophical Study (J. L. Gorman) || JSTOR

LUTZ NIETHAMMER, in collaboration with DIRK VAN LAAK, Posthistoire: Has History Come to an End? (Jerrold Seigel) || JSTOR

HORST WALTER BLANKE and DIRK FLEISCHER, eds., Theoretiker der deutschen Aufklärungshistorie; HANS JÜRGEN PANDEL, Historik und Didaktik: Das Problem der Distribution historiographisch erzeugten Wissens in der deutschen Geschichtswissenschaft von der Spätaufklärung bis zum Frühhistorismus (1765-1830); HORST WALTER BLANKE, Historiographiegeschichte als Historik (D. A. Jeremy Telman) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1994 || Top


PETER HEEHS, Myth, History, and Theory || abstract || JSTOR

GRANT HARDY, Can an Ancient Chinese Historian Contribute to Modern Western Theory? The Multiple Narratives of Ssu-ma Ch'ien || abstract || JSTOR

ALLAN MEGILL, Jörn Rüsen's Theory of Historiography between Modernism and Rhetoric of Inquiry || abstract || JSTOR

JOHN O'NEILL, Two Body Criticism: A Genealogy of the Postmodern Anti-Aesthetic (a Review Essay of Barbara Maria Stafford, body Criticism: Imaging the Unseen in Enlightenment Art and Medicine) || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

LIAH GREENFELD, Nationalism: Five Roads to Modernity (John A. Armstrong) || JSTOR

JACQUES LE GOFF, History and Memory and PIERRE VIDAL-NAQUET, Assassins of Memory: Essays on the Denial of the Holocaust (Patrick H. Hutton) || JSTOR

PAULINE-MARIE ROSENAU, Post-Modernism and the Social Sciences: Insights, Inroads, and Intrusions (Katherine Fierlbeck) || JSTOR

ULRICH MUHLACK, Geschichtswissenschaft im Humanismus und in der Aufklärung: Die Vorgeschichte des Historismus (Johan van der Zande) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1993, Beiheft 32 || Top || To Theme Issues List

History Making in Africa
edited by V. Y. Mudimbe and B. Jewsiewicki


V. Y. MUDIMBE and B. JEWSIEWICKI, Africans' Memories and Contemporary History of Africa (Introduction) || JSTOR

JEAN-LOUP AMSELLE, Anthropology and Historicity || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID SCHOENBRUN, A Past Whose Time Has Come: Historical Context and History in Eastern Africa's Great Lakes || abstract || JSTOR

JOCELYNE DAKHLIA, Collective Memory and the Story of History: Lineage and Nation in a North African Oasis || abstract || JSTOR

DAVID COPLAN, History Is Eaten Whole: Consuming Tropes in Sesotho Auriture || abstract || JSTOR

PATRICK HARRIES, Imagery, Symbolism, and Tradition in a South African Bantustan: Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Inkatha, and Zulu History || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1993 || Top


JAMES ELKINS, On Monstrously Ambiguous Paintings || abstract || JSTOR

MARTYN P. THOMPSON, Reception Theory and the Interpretation of Historical Meaning || abstract || JSTOR

WULF KANSTEINER, Hayden White's Critique of the Writing of History || abstract || JSTOR


on FREDRIC JAMESON, Postmodernism: Or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (Martin Jay and Jane Flax) || JSTOR

Review Essays:

THOMAS BENDER, ed., The Antislavery Debate: Capitalism and Abolitionism as a Problem in Historical Interpretation (Seymour Drescher) || JSTOR

G. R. ELTON, Return to Essentials: Some Reflections on the Present State of Historical Study and HARVEY J. KAYE, The Powers of the Past: Reflections on the Crisis and the Promise of History (Donald Meyer) || JSTOR

JACOB L. TALMON, Myth of the Nation and Vision of Revolution: Ideological Polarization in the Twentiety Century (Liah Greenfeld) || JSTOR

NORBERT ELIAS, Time: An Essay (Dan Thu Nguyen) || JSTOR

JUDITH WALKOWITZ, City of Dreadful Delight: Narratives of Sexual Danger in Late-Victorian London (Kevin J. Mumford) || JSTOR

MAY 1993 || Top


ANNETTE ARONOWICZ, The Secret of the Man of Forty || abstract || JSTOR

PAULA RABINOWITZ, Wreckage upon Wreckage: History, Documentary, and the Ruins of Memory || abstract || JSTOR

ROBERT B. PIPPIN, Being, Time, and Politics: The Strauss-Kojève Debate || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ALETTA BIERSACK, ed., Clio in Oceania: Toward a Historical Anthropology and EMIKO OHNUKI-TIERNEY, ed., Culture through Time: Anthropological Approaches(J. D. Y. Peel) || JSTOR

ELIZABETH DEEDS ERMARTH, Sequel to History: Postmodernism and the Crisis of Historical Time (David Carr) || JSTOR

FRANCIS FUKUYAMA, The End of History and the Last Man (Michael S. Roth) || JSTOR

MICHEL VOVELLE, Ideologies and Mentalities (Daniel Gordon) || JSTOR

ANTHONY GIDDENS, Modernity and Self-Identity: Self and Society in the Late Modern Age (Mary Gluck) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1993 || Top


PETER KOSSO, Historical Evidence and Epistemic Justification: Thucydides as a Case Study || abstract || JSTOR

JOSÉ C. BERMEJO-BARRERA, Explicating the Past: In Praise of History || abstract || JSTOR

RAYMOND MARTIN, Objectivity and Meaning in Historical Studies: Toward a Post-analytic View (A Review Essay of Objectivity, Method and Point of View: Essays in the Philosophy of History, ed. W. J. van der Dussen and Lionel Rubinoff) || abstract || JSTOR

Review of Reviews:

JO-ANN PILARDI, The Changing Critical Fortunes of The Second Sex || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

LYNN HUNT, ed., The New Cultural History (Laurie Nussdorfer) || JSTOR

GEOFFREY HAWTHORN, Plausible Worlds: Possibility and Understanding in History and the Social Sciences (Haskell Fain) || JSTOR

LINDA ORR, Headless History: Nineteenth-Century French Historiography of the Revolution (Larry Shiner) || JSTOR

DECEMBER 1992, Beiheft 31 || Top || To Theme Issues List

History and Feminist Theory
edited by Ann-Louise Shapiro


ANN-LOUISE SHAPIRO, Introduction: History and Feminist Theory, or Talking Back to the Beadle || JSTOR

BONNIE SMITH, Historiography, Objectivity, and the Case of the Abusive Widow || abstract || JSTOR

CAROLYN STEEDMAN, La Théorie qui n'en est pas une, or, Why Clio Doesn't Care || abstract || JSTOR

REGINA MORANTZ-SANCHEZ, Feminist Theory and Historical Practice: Rereading Elizabeth Blackwell || abstract || JSTOR

MARILYN KATZ, Ideology and "the Status of Women" in Ancient Greece || abstract || JSTOR

SYLVIA SCHAFER, When the Child is the Father of the Man: Work, Sexual Difference, and the Guardian-State in Third Republic France || abstract || JSTOR

VRON WARE, Moments of Danger: Race, Gender, and Memories of Empire || abstract || JSTOR

OCTOBER 1992 || Top

Review of Reviews:

STEVE FULLER, Being There with Thomas Kuhn: A Parable for Postmodern Times || abstract || JSTOR


MARK BEVIR, The Errors of Linguistic Contextualism || abstract || JSTOR

BRIAN J. WHITTON, Universal Pragmatics and the Formation of Western Civilization: A Critique of Habermas's Theory of Human Moral Evolution || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

ANN RIGNEY, The Rhetoric of Historical Representation: Three Narrative Histories of the French Revolution (Lloyd Kramer) || JSTOR

ORLANDO PATTERSON, Freedom (Richard H. King) || JSTOR

ERNST SCHULIN, ed., Deutsche Geschichtswissenschaft nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg (1945-65) and Deutsche Geschichtswissenschaft nach 1945 (Georg G. Iggers) || JSTOR

JOHN BENDER and DAVID E. WELLBERY, eds., Chronotypes: The Construction of Time (Michael O'Malley) || JSTOR

JAN PATOCKA, Essais hérétiques sur la philosophie de l'histoire (Aviezer Tucker) || JSTOR

MAY 1992 || Top



BRUCE MAZLISH, The Question of The Question of Hu || abstract || JSTOR

CUSHING STROUT, Border Crossings: History, Fiction, and Dead Certainties || abstract || JSTOR

ELLIOT L. JURIST, Recognizing the Past || abstract || JSTOR

LYDIA GOEHR, Writing Music History || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

RAYMOND MARTIN, The Past Within Us: An Empirical Approach to Philosophy of History (Paul A. Roth) || JSTOR

LIONEL GOSSMAN, Between History and Literature (Ann Rigney) || JSTOR

CHARLES S. MAIER, The Unmasterable Past: Holocaust and German National Identity (Wolfgang J. Mommsen) || JSTOR

ARNALDO MOMIGLIANO, The Classical Foundations of Modern Historiography (David Konstan) || JSTOR

ROBERT BOSSARD, Die Gesetze von Politik und Krieg: Grundzüge einer allgemeinen Geschichtswissenschaft (Theodore H. Von Laue) || JSTOR

FEBRUARY 1992 || Top


DENA GOODMAN, Public Sphere and Private Life: Toward a Synthesis of Current Historiographical Approaches to the Old Regime || abstract || JSTOR

PETER KOSSO, Observing the Past || abstract || JSTOR

DALE S. WRIGHT, Historical Understanding: The Ch'An Buddhist Transmission Narratives and Modern Historiography || abstract || JSTOR

Review Essays:

MARTIN BERNAL, Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, Volume I: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece (R. A. McNeal) || JSTOR

LEON POMPA, Human Nature and Historical Knowledge: Hume, Hegel and Vico (Leon J. Goldstein) || JSTOR

PAUL VEYNE, Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? An Essay on the Constitutive Imagination (Marilyn A. Katz) || JSTOR

FELIX GILBERT, History: Politics or Culture? Reflections on Ranke and Burckhardt (Helen Liebel-Weckowicz) || JSTOR

JOHN B. THOMPSON, Ideology and Modern Culture: Critical Social Theory in the Era of Mass Communication (Fred Weinstein) || JSTOR